You can write me encrypted emails at:

My PGP key id is:

My PGP fingerprint is:
0521 6F3B 8684 8A30 3C2F E37D D166 F166 7359 D880

You can find a copy of my public key here or run:
curl | gpg –import

End-to-end encrypted messaging

I can also be contacted over Wire or Keybase at:


You can now contact me securely using a SecureDrop instance I run myself. Please use this for sensitive matters only. In order to access it, you will first need to download and install Tor Browser or equip yourself with a Tails disk. You might also want to check out SecureDrop’s official detailed instructions on users’ safety. Once you are ready, you can go on and access my instance at the following Onion address:


Please note: you should remember that I am not a journalist and I do not work for a news organization. If you are looking for a reporter to contact, check SecureDrop’s Directory. Sharing sensitive information can put you at risk, even when using Tor and SecureDrop. Please, always be careful and don’t put yourself in harm’s way.