Time for a change

February 6, 2023

After nearly 7 years at Amnesty, creating and leading its Security Lab, January 31st was my last day. The time came for me to move on and seek new challenges. What a ride it has been! I joined as its very first technologist, and helped carry a global human rights organisation from being nearly stranger to technology, to running a thriving and growing program tackling cross-cutting tech issues. That is probably my greatest pride. Above all, it’s been an honour and a privilege to work alongside such incredible colleagues, all of great talent and passion, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the great things they’ll continue to achieve.

In a decade working to secure civil society from digital threats I have learned a lot about a unique front of cybersecurity, made incredible and disturbing discoveries, and hopefully contributed to positive change. Now it’s time for me to open a new chapter in my career, tackle different problems, and embark on new adventures in order to continue growing and learning. I am especially eager to rediscover the love for technical work that first got me into this field.

I will be taking a few months of break, to read and to pick up old and new pet projects which I haven’t had time to dedicate to. And while I will likely continue to reduce my usage of social media platforms, in time I hope to resurrect this blog and start sharing again primarily technical content and status updates from the projects I am working on. And if you, like me, are rediscovering an appreciation for RSS, please do subscribe to my feed.

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