I'm a security researcher mostly specialized in the analysis of malware, botnets and computer attacks in general. I work as a Technologist and Researcher at Amnesty International, and I'm a Senior Research Fellow at the Citizen Lab, University of Toronto, and a core member of The Honeynet Project.

I created the open source malware analysis software Cuckoo Sandbox and Viper and I run the Malwr free service. I published abundant research on botnets and targeted attacks and presented at conferences such as Hack In The Box, BlackHat, Chaos Communication Congress and many more.

In recent years I devoted my attention especially to issues of privacy and surveillance and I published numerous articles on surveillance vendors such as FinFisher and HackingTeam with the Citizen Lab as well as on NSA/GCHQ and Five Eyes surveillance capabilities with The Intercept and Der Spiegel. I also contribute to Global Voices Advocacy.

I've been selected among the 50 persons of the year 2014 by Wired Italy, I received with the Citizen Lab the EFF Pioneer Award 2015, and I've been selected by Forbes among the 30 Under 30 honorees for 2016.

I continuously research and write on government surveillance and threats to journalists and dissidents worldwide and support human rights organisations with operational security and emergency response.