A first version of this work was part of the “Dark Technology / Dark Web” exhibition at Spektrum Berlin.

A second version of this work was displayed at “Burn, Berlin, Burn! 2017” with Atari Teenage Riot.

Newspapers and televisions are increasingly paying attention to the Darknet, Darkweb, Deepweb and to all variations of nicknames for the Tor network, picturing it as an obscure, malefic and opaque underground Internet. Its true nature is in reality a lot more variegated and complex and rarely we get to see it.

“Focal Opacity” is an interactive artwork that immediately drags the spectator into the realities and aesthetics of the Darknet. The artist created a software that harvests and snapshots thousands of websites that exist only in this anonymity network and collected a comprehensive visual representation of an otherwise hidden world.

The spectator zaps randomly every few seconds to a different hidden website, exploring the duality of anonymity and navigating through a world of pranksters, scammers, drugs and weapons dealers, as well as whistleblowers, anarchists and hacktivists.

You can view the artwork at www.focal-opacity.com