Web pages are written in a mark-up language called HTML, which provides a set of instructions to shape and decorate information online.

In HTML you can write invisible comments between the markers <!-- and -->.

Comments are annotations to the structure of webpages that remain hidden to you, the viewer. Most often they are reminders to oneself or forgotten snippets of code, other times they are thoughts, words in a secret exchange between the developers and the machine that processes the code of the websites you visit, telling stories of how the Web came to be.

I scanned the open Internet to harvest hundreds of thousands of HTML comments from countless web pages, building a collective memory of these thoughts that would otherwise remain lost in between the blocks of what you’re actually supposed to see.

Every line of Dear Machine is an extracted comment, from an unknown developer of an unspecified website, contributing to this infinite diary between humans and the technology they build.

You can view the artwork at www.dear-machine.net