I make art with a variety of media, from traditional painting, to aereosol art, music, and most recently electronic and new media art. I am available for exhibitions, commissioned work, presentations, panel discussions, etc. You can find my contact details here. I occasionally also post updates on my work on Instagram.

My artworks tend to revolve around society, technology, privacy and surveillance. I enjoy creating visual and audio experiences to reveal aspects of technology which are commonly unknown, or which are designed to remain concealed. Following are some of my past and ongoing projects. Please note: some of the following pages might be several megabytes in size. If you are using a mobile connection and are concerned with your data consumption, you might want to come back another time.


Web installation exploring Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons used for COVID-19 contact tracing
Web installation


Installation analyzing smartphone radio emissions as unexplored space
Digital installation

Gallery of Surveillance

Interactive installation exploring technologies of surveillance used to monitor human rights defenders
Digital installation

Dear Machine

Random diary of HTML comments harvested from the Internet.
Web installation

Focal Opacity

Spektrum Berlin. Burn, Berlin, Burn. 2017.
Interactive installation exploring the darkweb and the product of online anonymity.
Digital installation

Selected Exhibitions