Hi, I am nex. Born Claudio Guarnieri.

I'm a hacker, security researcher, artist, and human rights activist.

I work as a Senior Technologist and Researcher at Amnesty International. I am also an Adviser to the Citizen Lab, University of Toronto. I have co-founded Security Without Borders.

I research the use of technology as a mean for repression, and provide assistance to human rights organizations, journalists, and activists with issues of computer security, privacy and surveillance.

I've been selected among the 50 persons of the year 2014 by Wired Italy, I received with the Citizen Lab the EFF Pioneer Award 2015, and I've been selected by Forbes among the 30 Under 30 honorees for 2016.

Sometimes I write some thoughts, other times code, most of the time I rant. You can find a comprehensive bio here.